Lemont Park Foundation


The Lemont Park District’s not-for-profit Lemont Park Foundation was established for the purpose of improving, providing and expanding the Lemont Park District’s parks, programs, facilities and resources to improve the quality of life for community residents. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that is made up of citizens from the community. Its primary goal is to obtain funds and donations for the acquisition and development of land and parks within Park District boundaries.

Foundation Members

Jeanette Acton
Eric Basiorka
Joelle Beranek
Matt Friscia
Matthew Imber
Kim Sullivan

Pam Carter, Park District Liaison

Goals of the Lemont Park Foundation

  • Raise money
  • Acquire assets, property and other resources
  • Provide financial assistance via the Foundation Helping Hand Award Program
  • Provide financial assistance for specified Lemont Park District capital projects
  • Provide support as an advisory committee to the Lemont Park District on ethical, operational and recreational issues as requested

To achieve the above goals, the Foundation seeks to raise monies by fundraising, acquiring assets, property, and other resources to benefit the community of Lemont.

How Can You Help?

Ways to Help:

  • Donations of property or land
  • Donations of stocks and bonds
  • Will and Trust endowments
  • Donations of Cash
  • Donations can be accepted from individuals or corporations
  • Year-end tax donations
  • Volunteering to help at Foundation functions

The Lemont Park Foundation is a federally approved TAX-DEDUCTIBLE organization. Donations can be directed for special uses as per the donor’s request. (i.e. the donor wishes that the funds they donate go directly for the purchase of trees.) Donations can be as small or as large as you wish. All monies, assets derived from donations stay within the Lemont Park District boundaries, properties, and facilities. If you would like to assist us in improving the quality of life and leisure for the public of Lemont, or if you require additional information regarding the Lemont Park Foundation, please contact Pam Carter, Manager of Education Services and Community Liaison of the Lemont Park District at 630-257-6787, extension 3001, or by email a pcarter@lemontparks.org.

Lemont Park Foundation Helping Hand Award Program

Lemont Park Foundation Helping Hand Award Program – No family should be denied access to a park-funded program or event (excluding contractual obligations). The Lemont Park Foundation, working with The Lemont Park District will provide a Helping Hand Award to a needy individual or family. Applications are confidential and the recipient parent or guardian is strongly encouraged to volunteer their time at a park district or community event. Information on the Helping Hand Award Program can be obtained by contacting the Pam Carter at 630-257-6787, extension 3001 or via email at pcarter@lemontparks.org. Download the Helping Hand Award Application.

Memorial Tree and Bench Program Application

Through the Memorial Tree and Bench Program, friends and family can provide a unique dedication to loved ones by placing a tree or bench in one of the beautiful parks in the Lemont Park District. This historical dedication provides a lasting remembrance in honor of a loved one and enhances the meaning of a tree or bench to observers or park patrons. If you are interested in this program, please contact Pam Carter, Manager of Education Services and Community Liaison of the Lemont Park District at 630-257-6787, extension 3001, or by e-mail at pcarter@lemontparks.org. Download the Memorial Tree and Bench Order Form.

Memorial Tree The Lemont Park Foundation’s Memorial Trees are 2″ to 3″ round and a minimum of 6′ in height. The tree will be planted in a neighborhood park with the site selection agreed to between the donor and the Park District Executive Director. A plaque will be mounted at the base of the tree after the tree growth has been established. Trees will be planted in the spring, early summer or fall. Cost for a Memorial Tree, including purchase, installation, delivery, and upkeep, is $800.

Memorial Park Bench The Lemont Park Foundation’s Memorial Benches are 6′ long and made of recycled plastic composition. Cost for the Memorial Bench is $1400. The cost includes the bench, installation, upkeep, and a remembrance plaque. The exact placement of the bench will be determined by the donor and the Lemont Park District Executive Director.

Need More Information?

Interested in more information regarding the “Lemont Park Foundation”? Contact Pam Carter, Manager of Education Services and Community Liaison at the Lemont Park District at 630-257-6787, extension 3001, or by email at pcarter@lemontparks.org.