Lemont Big Fins Adult Swim Team & Training Program


Big Fins Masters Swim Team is committed to offering support and coaching for swimmers of all skill sets. Big Fins coaches provide direct assistance and inspiration along with prompt feedback on deck in a positive environment. Improving technique, endurance, speed, and energy management are CORE elements you’ll find in Big Fins workouts. Whether you are training for your triathlon or open water swim, looking to get into better shape or wanting to swim in a master’s level competition, Big Fins are for you. Program members are allowed to swim at any of the practice times. Minimum requirements are the ability to swim eight lengths of the pool. Participants must become registered USMS Members. For questions, please contact Masters Swim Coach, Shannon Boyle at sboyle@lemontparks.org.

What is the Big Fins Squid?

The Big Fins Squid is a very rare creature of the deep. With distinctive characteristics including a fin length of 90% of its total body length and extremely long tentacles, this creature can reach 20 meters long.

Scientific Name: Magnepinna
Common Name: Big Fin Squid
Mythological Association: the Kracken

Rare sightings have occurred all over the world and as of recently, Big Fins have most recently been spotted at the Lemont Park District pools swimming laps. Not much is known about these mysterious sea creatures who could be the source of Kracken mythology.

Benefits of Masters Swimming

  • Gaining better swimming technique
  • More efficient swim strokes
  • Getting into shape!
  • Chlorine cologne – just kidding!

Who Joins?

  • Former Competitive Swimmers
  • Tri-Athletes
  • People Looking for a lower impact/rehabilitation workout
  • General Health and Wellness Seekers

Big Fin Swim Schedules

Monday, Wednesday Friday Morning 5:30-6:30am

Tuesday, Thursday 9-10pm