Give Volunteer Project



Generous Individuals Volunteering Endlessly

A Volunteer Project at the Lemont Park District

Our give volunteers

give… Because the gift is in the giving!

Why be part of the Lemont Park District give Volunteer Project?

You’ll be a key player in providing the great community of Lemont fantastic programs and special events. Discover how a selfless act can build self-esteem as well as help other people. By assisting in the preparation and implementation of Lemont Park District activities, you’ll see first-hand how helping other people can truly be a fulfilling and rewarding experience all the way around.

Being part of give is really a win-win for everyone!

For more information you contact give Volunteer Coordinator, Pam Carter at

Volutneers from give

Interested in Giving Back?

Download Our Give Flyer

Please fill out and drop off or mail to:
Pam Carter
16028 127th Street
Lemont, IL 60439.